CDA Homecoming: Gill Lipton Class Of 2013

Today, we hear from CDA graduate Gill Lipton. After graduating with the Class of 2013, Gill began his studies in mechanical engineering at Texas A&M with aspirations to become an automotive engineer. He’s currently participating in a fall internship in Charlotte, North Carolina with Joe Gibbs Racing, the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup champions.

Thanks for your time from North Carolina, Gill!
What life lessons have CDA and your fellow classmates taught you since graduating from CDA?
Chief among those lessons is a consistent emphasis on the “whole” person: heart, soul, body and mind. As my educational and professional development ruthlessly specialize me towards engineering, I find myself refreshed and empowered by the taste for well-rounded training gained at CDA. Fellow classmates and I still practice this, whether in person at Texas A&M University or through letters between college campuses, and it drives me to keep exploring all aspects of life. I believe that the “first and greatest commandment” that Jesus cites encourages such integrated development of “all your heart and all your soul and all your mind”, as each cultivates the various gifts of God in his or her self for His glory.

What type of feelings did you experience when you returned to see your family and classmates at CDA homecoming?

Seeing various stages and forms of growth in both current students and other alumni is one of the greatest sources of my excitement at CDA’s homecomings. Although absent this year and the last by work assignments, my return in 2014 gave an opportunity to begin this appreciation. My parents particularly emphasized the idea of the “renaissance man” as a motive for my own breadth and depth of experience, and homecoming has shown me how current students fly even higher in similar ways. Whether in talks with the students on the football and yell leader squads, performing in the band or volunteering around the field on Friday night, I constantly admire their balance of all these achievements with the continuous educational and spiritual growth they pursue.

What do you think is special about CDA's homecoming and how has it shaped your sense of community?

The entire experience of returning to CDA – or thinking about it while I am away, at least – has always shaped my perspective on the community of students, alumni and families into a more biblical one. The myriad of aspirations, ongoing career paths and accessible wisdom across those three groups emphasizes their representation of the body of Christ. Like the scriptural metaphor of hands, feet and other parts intended for various uses, the real and human examples among my CDA family inspire me to find and chase that path which God has laid out for my own life.

Walking, stumbling and teaming up with these individuals during my years in engineering study deepens this bond further, and I would not trade it for any other high school experience. 
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