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Coram Deo is a special place to develop students as servant leaders, but sometimes there can be misconceptions on why CDA encourages families to be present in their child's life. The Wilson family from our Dallas campus helps us understand why being present can change your family's life everyday.
When my husband and I were new parents all of our attention and energy went to taking care of the immediate with our children so we found ourselves at the last minute scrambling to find our daughter the right school. The only thing we were sure about was that I was NOT going to home school! Well known to us, that was when our CDA story began.

After interviewing with various schools, signing up on waiting lists, visiting all kinds of classrooms we finally decided on a traditional, nominally Christian school for those first years. The kids were getting a satisfying education and I was happy to be a Mom on campus and glad to NOT be homeschooling. 

But it is always so interesting to see how the Lord works in our lives. Two things happened at the same time to redirect our educational choices. Our school became cost prohibitive while at the same time embracing more liberal values. Looking back it was a time preparing us for CDA.

We were introduced to CDA through some friends of ours who were introduced to CDA through some of their friends.  We knew it was time to become HOMESCHOOLERS. I liken it to the paper chains the kids make at Christmas and hang on the tree. One connects to the other and soon you have a chain.

I remember our first morning home. It was a strange feeling. All the other kids were being dropped off at school and I was sitting in our sunroom with my kids who were waiting for me to grow them academically. I had zero teaching background and always thought it should be left to the professionals. 

The kids weren’t comfortable with the idea either. They protested until they realized the possibilities of wearing their PJ’s all day (it’s still a possibility) and that snacks were more accessible at home than at school.

We have grown from those beginner days. Our journey has been one of self discovery and revelation filled with hard work, grace and encouragement.
The girls learn the value of persevering through writing rough drafts, or memorizing 12 verses in the Book of John. They learn to confidently speak in public. They shed tears over not understanding Math and we share high fives when that Math Mountain is conquered.

We are also continuing to discover God’s truths throughout Academia. And how God’s grace is interwoven throughout the past, present and future. As Science teacher Mrs. Vanderhill puts it,” we discover how God in His grace has allowed nonbelievers to discover His wondrous truths.” How much more rewarding it has been for us as followers of Christ to relish in the Truths of God that Coram Deo so effectively and logically present to our children on academic platters.

So my kids and I go on academic mountain hikes every day. Some not so difficult as others but all filled with challenges along the way. And the beauty of it all has been the growth in knowledge and in grace.

Now when asked “what school do your kids go to?” that chain around the tree keeps on growing. 
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  • Laura Reyes
    Hello, I really appreciate you sharing your story. We are very interested in having our kids attending this school but are nervous about the homeschool component. I would like to connect with you, please email me if you are so inclined. Thanks for any extra advice you can provide. Laura R.
  • w terry Harrison
    I knew my daughter, Ruthanne, had considerable talent. But now a writer? Yes, a lovely narrative of matters gone right--the selection of a proper and excellent education. How thankful we are for the marvelous training of our grand-children!