CDA 5th Graders go to Sky Ranch

Stephanie Garland
On Friday, March 18, 2016, fifth graders from all three CDA campuses converged on Sky Ranch in Van, Texas, to have a day of fun and learning.
They started the day with some crazy, fast-paced games.  After making sure all had arrived, the students walked across the campus to the outdoor classroom and met Stephen F. Austin along the way.  He told the students all about his job as an impresario for Mexico and how the Texans began to revolt against Santa Anna. Students learned about how settlers in Texas lived: their chores, tools, and homes.  After a lunch break, they walked to the next outdoor classroom that taught about Native Americans in Texas.  They learned how Native Americans lived in this area, and how they hunted and planted.
The students had many opportunities for hands-on learning, from rope-making to shooting bows and arrows.  Everyone had a fun time learning more about Texas history and the people who made our state great!
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