CDA Symphonic Band State Solo and Ensemble Contest

Congratulations to EVERYONE who participated!  We came home with 62 medals!  We had 11ensembles and 19 soloists that earned the highest superior rating.  CDA walked away from state with the most medals of any participating school!!
Here are the results:  
The following soloists received a medal and the highest score, Superior (1 rating)
FM soloists:
Jonathan Browne 
Kirsten Browne 
Avery Elliot 
Owen Gerth 
Ellia He 
Rebekah Irizarry 
Lauren Joseph 
Grace Kendall 
Drake Livingston 
Seth Livingston 
AnnaMarie Miller 
Michael Perrone 
CC soloists: 
Paul Lee 
Joanna Lee 
Timothy Lee 
Alec Mathews 
Laurel Smurawa 
Liesel Smurawa 
Noelle Smurawa 
The following ensembles received a medal and the highest score, Superior (1 rating)
CC ensembles:
Clarinet trio *:  Paul Lee, Joanna Lee, Alec Mathews
Clarinet quartet * :  Noelle Smurawa, Joanna Lee, Alyse Mandelblatt, Jan Jewett
FM ensembles:
Flute quartet *:  Grace Kendall, Lauren Joseph, Rachel Irizarry, Lindsey Anderson
Flute trio *:  Grace Kendall, Rebekah Irizarry, Sophia Engman
Woodwind trio *:  Lauren Joseph, Kirsten Browne, Caden Rogers
Saxophone quartet *:  Owen Gerth, Zach Ledbetter, Tessa Linebarger, Jonathan Browne
Clarinet trio *:  Grant Hoffmann, Jonathan Browne, Caden Rogers
Brass quintet *:  Ethan Joseph, Caleb Hemsworth, Hollie Henderson, John Mark Davis, Michael Perrone
Trumpet quartet *: Caleb Hemsworth, Ethan Joseph, Brendon Kofink, Lana Linebarger
Trombone quartet *:  Drake Livingston, John Mark Davis, Elijah Clark, Ethan Kendall
Percussion Ensemble *: Truth Clevenger, Seth Livingston, Andrew Farrier, Ethan Vera, Josh Ledbetter, Ben Arnold, Alex Cannon
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