Texas State Junior Classical League – Region C Convention

On Saturday February 23rd, nine CDA students attended the Area C Convention for the Texas State Junior Classical League at Baylor University in Waco. The competition was very stiff with almost 1000 students from both public and private schools stretching from the Oklahoma border all the way to Waco.

Our students did extremely well and brought home the following awards:

Level 1/2 B
* Kiley Furber (FM): 2nd place, Sight Recitation; 5th place, Latin Oratory
Level 2
* Addy Baker (FM): 3rd place, Miscellaneous Art
* Mary Dickinson(CC): 2nd place, Mythology; 4th place, Roman History
* JB Lilley (FM): 3rd place, Latin Derivatives; 3rd place, Acrylic; 4th place, Mythology
Level 3
* Eleanor Dickinson (CC): 2nd place, Girls Costume
* Ellia He (FM): 1st place, Classical Art; 1st place, Greek Derivatives; 3rd place Vocal Solo; 4th place, Watercolor
* Andrew Walker (FM): 3rd place, Sight Recitation; 4th place, Mythology Level 4
* Jolie Henderson (FM): 1st place, Classical Art
In the most exciting news of all, the CDA Intermediate Certamen* (pronounced kɛɹˈtɑːmɛn) team made up of CC and FM Students JB Lilley, Mary Dickinson, Tommy Robertson, Addy Baker and Kiley Furber won the Area C Certamen competition and will represent Area C at the Texas State Convention April 5-6. There they will compete against the best teams from the other 5 regions of Texas to determine who will represent the State of Texas at National Convention in August.

“Please know that Certamen is to NJCL as Football is to Texas. At Nationals I have seen hundreds of students sit HOURS for a ruling on whether an answer is acceptable or not. This is a HUGE deal for the Certamen team.” from Mrs. Gaskamp

We would like to extend our thanks to Mrs. Patty Gaskamp for your support and sponsorship of these students. Thank you also to Mrs. Mary Ligon, Mrs. Ashley Cole (CC faculty) for being chaperones and judges. Mrs. Mary Ellen Zboril who drove students and helped judge art. Mrs. Robin Henderson, Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Lilley, Mr. Dickinson (CC), and Mr. Walker attended and rooted the students on!

*What is a Certamen?
certamen (Noun) a team competition in which contestants answer questions about classical history, culture, and mythology, and the Latin language.

To read more about Texas Junior Classical League, visit their website at www.tsjcl.org.
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