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The Collin County Campus was originally established in 2004 with K – 8th grade. The Collin County Campus currently serves over 520 students attending grades PreK through 12th.

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  • Grammar School

    Students in grades PreK-4 are at the grammar stage of learning with a focus on breaking new concepts down to the required fundamental skills or facts and mastering them through memorizing jingles, chants, and songs.  Each class also has an annual festival which gives students the opportunity to share what they have learned with their fellow classmates and parents - it is fun way to start public speaking at an early age!
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  • Logic School

    Students in grades 5-8 are moving through the Logic stage of learning.  During this stage, they study the relationship of facts they learned at the grammar stage and how they fit or work together.  They also are examining arguments.  Although Bible is not a separate subject after 5th grade, a Biblical worldview is interwoven into the teaching of all subjects. 

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  • Rhetoric School

    Students in grades 9-12 are striving to master the Rhetoric stage of learning.  This stage requires students to articulate their learning through oral and written expression.  They do this through speeches, debates and papers, as well as, proofs in mathematics. 

    “CDA is teaching our children to think with a Biblical worldview ...

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Grammar, Logic and High School students and teachers have chapel services once a month. The purpose of chapel is to bring students together for a time of corporate worship and a message that focuses on the greatness of God and His work in our lives in a way that would be applicable to Coram Deo students. This time is designed to heighten our awareness of Christ and integrate Him more into our everyday lives.

Parent Community

In Collin County we have several ways for parents to be involved and build community with the teachers and each other.  The best way to do this is through the PTF, Parent Teacher Fellowship.  The PTF serves CDA in three primary ways.  First, they serve as a volunteer base for many of the activities that happen in the classrooms, such as Room Moms, class parties, and Hot Lunch service.  Secondly, they help equip the school through fundraising.  They strive to make our fundraisers fun for the students, but also easy on the parents.  Our most successful is the Hot Lunch program.  We use caterers, like Chick-fil-A, that the children like, and the parents look forward to not having to make a lunch one day a week!  Lastly, and most importantly, our PTF organizes a monthly prayer meeting to pray for the school – students, faculty and administrators.  If you are an enrolled family at the Collin County campus, you are already a member of the PTF, so come and join us!

Collin County Admission Events

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Collin County Campus Events

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Contact Us

(469) 854-1300
9645 Independence Parkway; Plano, TX 75025

Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 4:00 pm 

Grammar:  7:55 am - 2:25 pm (M/W or T/Th)
Logic:   8:05 am - 2:45 pm (M/W or T/Th)
Rhetoric:   8:05 am - 3:45 pm (M/W or T/Th)

* NOTE: Friday class times depend on electives selected.  After school electives are also available

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  • Photo of Robert Armstrong

    Robert Armstrong 

    Campus Administrator & RS Principal
  • Photo of Stephanie Garland

    Stephanie Garland 

    GS & LS Principal
  • Photo of Joda Crow

    Joda Crow 

    Admissions Coordinator - CC
  • Photo of Joshua Nokes

    Joshua Nokes 

    Campus Athletic Director & Football & Softball Program Director
  • Photo of Nathan Hudler

    Nathan Hudler 

    Dean of Students, RS Science & Theology
  • Photo of Jason Stults

    Jason Stults 

    College Guidance
  • Photo of Rhonda Messick

    Rhonda Messick 

    Administrative Assistant to the Campus Administrator - CC
  • Photo of Jennifer Dickinson

    Jennifer Dickinson 

    GS & LS Administrative Asst. - CC

Collin County Campus News

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  • CDA District COVID-19 Policy

    COVID-19 Policy

    Coram Deo Academy (CDA) provides its students and employees with leave for use in the case of illness. To that end, CDA requests that all individuals who are ill refrain from visiting CDA facilities. Additionally, CDA requests that individuals who experience a fever remain at home until fever-free for a period of 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications. CDA recommends that individuals seek care from a physician when experiencing symptoms of illness. Unless legally mandated by the State of Texas, CDA will not require that its students or employees receive COVID-19 vaccinations, undergo tests, or engage in mitigation measures, to include but not limited to, virtual learning, quarantine periods, or face coverings.
    If a student or employee receives a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, CDA requests that the individual provide notification to the school via the appropriate point of contact (Students: Campus Nurse, Employees: Supervisor and Human Resources Department). CDA recognizes that the COVID-19 virus may require a prescribed recovery period beyond that of standard leave allowances. For that reason, CDA will provide leave as prescribed by the attending physician. Ill individuals will not be expected to complete assigned work tasks while recovering, and CDA will not normally provide ill students with remote learning resources. For work assigned or turned in during the period of illness, please refer to the school’s Make-Up Work policy located in the Coram Deo Academy Reference Manual for Parents and Students.
    Additionally, once informed of an individual’s confirmed diagnosis CDA will, to the best of its ability, notify those who were known to have been in close proximity. CDA defines “close proximity” as presence within 3 feet of an ill individual, for at least 15 minutes, while not wearing a face covering.
    Please direct questions pertaining to this policy as follows:
    • Students & Families: School Principal, Campus Nurse, or Campus Administrator
    • Employees: Human Resources Department
  • Collin County Carnival

    Please join us for a great back-to-school memory making experience! There will be food, carnival games, prizes, inflatables, and a chance to dunk your favorite teachers and principals! A flat $5 per child will allow you to play the carnival games and earn tickets for great prizes. Food, baked goods, and dunking booth will be an additional charge. All funds raised will help the Senior class purchase a gift that benefits the entire school.
  • Welcome Mrs. April Cate - 4th Grade T/TH

    My name is April Cate and I will be a 4th grade teacher here at Coram Deo Academy.  I graduated from SFA and this is my 8th year teaching.  I am married to my husband Jason and we have two boys, Drew (10) and Camden (7).  They are both very active in sports and you can always find me on a field somewhere in the metroplex cheering them on. As a family we like to travel to new places and try to visit a MLB baseball field at the same time.  When we have free time we enjoy going on walks and bike rides. I am excited to join Coram Deo Academy this year and I can't wait to meet everybody.  
  • Welcome Back Mr. Drew Armstrong - Rhetoric School Theology and Literature

    Drew Armstrong originally hails from the great state of Ohio (Go Buckeyes!) where he attended Cedarville University for undergrad. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree there, but much more importantly he met the love of his life, his wife Kathryn. He attended Dallas Theological Seminary after which time he actually taught at Coram Deo (Collin County) for five years before pursuing a second Masters degree at Princeton Theological Seminary. He has since taught at classical Christian schools in Seattle and Austin and could not be more excited to once again join in the work being done for the Kingdom of God at Coram Deo Academy. He and his were recently blessed with the addition of an adorable (objectively speaking) baby boy, Arthur (6 months) who is the light of their lives (when he’s not keeping them from sleeping). 
  • Welcome Back, Mrs. Bergstrom - Spanish

    After a year away, Sra. Bergstrom is returning to teach Spanish I-IV.  Jodi is wife to Brian, and mom to Cole (2019 CDA graduate), Trey (2021 CDA graduate), and Bryn (CDA 8th grader).  Mrs. Bergstrom is grateful for the opportunity to return to the classroom and work with the CDA faculty, students, and families.  In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her family, playing Catan with her kids (even though Trey usually wins), reading, walking, hiking, and traveling.
  • Mr. Scott Brewer

    Welcome Mr. Scott Brewer - Latin

    Scott Brewer grew up in Columbia, South Carolina and attended the University of South Carolina, where he received a degree in Russian language and linguistics in 2014. That same year, he took his first teaching job at CREF, a language school in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, where he met his wife, Ulyana. After spending two years there, he returned to the US to begin an M.A./Ph.D. program in historical linguistics at the University of South Carolina. He is currently writing his doctoral dissertation focused on the evolution of consonants in Danish.

    Scott has studied several languages, with a particular focus on old Indo-European languages like Latin, Ancient & Koiné Greek, Old Church Slavonic, Gothic, Old English, and Old Norse. He also has spoken competency in Russian along with reading knowledge of several modern European languages.

    Though he grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist church, he was baptized into the Orthodox Church in September of 2019 and, upon moving to Dallas, is planning to attend St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral.
    He is very excited to begin work at Coram Deo Academy this fall and is looking forward to sharing his love of language, and Latin in particular, with all of his students.
  • Welcome Mrs. Georgeann Carter - 6th Literature, Grammar and Latin

    CDA has been an impactful part of my life in more ways than I could have imagined. I joined in kindergarten and later graduated in 2017. I struggled along the way, but the lessons I learned in and outside of the classroom were invaluable. Because I was surrounded by teachers and families who modeled Christlike love, my faith was made stronger. One of the best unexpected blessings I received from my time at CDA was meeting my husband, unbeknownst at the time, in my 8th grade class. As I return to my alma mater no longer as a student but as a teacher, I am honored to be a part of your child’s education and see what God has planned for his or her future. 
  • Welcome Mrs. Julie Johnson - 1st Grade T/TH

    Hello there!  My name is Mrs. Julie Johnson, I am delighted to be your child’s first grade teacher and to welcome you to the 2021-22 school year at Coram Deo Academy. I can’t wait to get to know you and start our partnership.

    Here is some information about myself.  My husband and I are originally from Northern Iowa and have moved back to Texas in 2019. We have one son, Garrett who is married to Ashley, they live in LA while he attends the Masters of Seminary program.  I love to be outside and explore my surroundings.  I also like baking deserts, riding my bike, and reading.

     I attended Buena Vista University and graduated in 2012 with honors and hold a BA degree in Elementary Education with my concentration in Social Studies.  My endorsements are in Reading, Pre-K, and Special Education and I have my certificate in Creative Curriculum Gold Series.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. Your child’s education is a team effort and I am looking forward to working with you and your child for a great year in first grade!
    “But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”-1 Timothy 1:5